Who are we?


There are approximately 30 interpreters working at the hospital comarcal and the health centre in Nerja. The main languages spoken are English and German but other Eurpoean languages are also covered to some extent.

The first president of the association was Anthony Shearman, who still works at the hospital comarcal as well as at the health centre in Nerja.

The second president was Antonio Ruiz Barranco, who still works at the hospital comarcal.

As of November 17 2018, the committee is as follows:

Christopher Cluderay        Presidente

Anne Marie Ruiz Geys      Vicepresident

Joan Gilford                     Secretaria
Verena Yutzi                    Tesorera

Antonio Ruiz Barranco      Vocal

Katrina Rae                      Vocal

Anthony Sherman             Vocal

Fulvio Villano                    Vocal



Antonio Ruiz Barranco              Anthony Shearman                        Fulvio Villano


       Christopher Cluderay                     Joan Gilford                                           Verena Yutzi 



               Katrina Rae                                    Anne Marie ruiz Geys